Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween... uhhh... Mom?

So, I was so excited for Halloween this year as my family and I pretty much went ALL out with decorations.

When I say "all out..." I'm not talking about a few blow up balloon thingies propped out on our front yard. I'm talking about "Hey Mom, can we go back to the house where the scary people live?" kind of decorations.

... that way ...

Hold that thought...

Yeah... I was going to post the pic of the scary freaky thing hanging in our doorway, but I have yet to share these "all kinds of lovely" images with my mother.

Oh! That's another thing! For years I've taken a family group shot of my children proudly wearing their oh-so-adorable costumes. And for YEARS I've bragged and showed off those pictures for all the world to see!

This year? Yeah, just a handful of pics. You see, the kids aren't really "little" anymore. Their costumes? Totally not cute. Gone are the days of begging for that "cowgirl" outfit, or the "doctor" ... No no no no.

I have to show THESE images to my mom who's been waiting patiently to see photos of her precious grandchildren... and friend.

a few years ago, they were ninjas for halloween.

Give me the candy

I guess I could always send her a link to this blog, shut my eyes really tight and say "Manny did it!"

return of the hockey mask....

To top it all off, I dressed up as a pregnant nun. I'll spare you the image of that one.

But, HEY! We ran out of candy three times! I had to get creative and add two white icing dots on the tops of oreo cookies. The kids didn't complain and were actually grateful for them...

"we ran out of candy, want a Lost Soul cookie?"

I also brought back the Mummy Dogs to feed the gazillion kids who ended up spending the night with us. *note... don't surround yourself with teenagers while watching the movie "The Strangers"... just trust me on that one, k?*

I just thought that was interesting...

The one with the dark hair ended up hiding behind the couch during the scary movie.

In the end, it was an awesome Halloween. I love that holiday... for me it's a chance to dress up as something goofy, bake things with the word "mummy" in it, and pass out the good candy to the neighbors I never get a chance to visit with.

Ugh. Here comes Christmas.

Have a great week, everyone.

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